Take Advantage of the Best TPO Accessories

As TPO has become a larger part of the commercial roofing market, new accessories have been created to help solve problems. Over the past several years, Versico has introduced scores of new products; however, it can be easy to forget about some of them.

Here are a few TPO accessories that can help save time and make the job easier on your next project:
  • Universal Corners: These injection molded corners can easily be cut to cover an inside or outside corner. Before the universal corner, contractors had to keep both inside corners and outside corners on the job; and if they ran out, they’d have to field fabricate patches or run to the local distributor to finish the job. With universal corners, there is no need to worry about having too much of one and not enough of the other. Using universal corners also means one less item to worry about having in stock or on the repair truck.
  • Split Pipe Seals and Square Tube Wraps: Almost nothing on a roof takes more time and skill than a quality field-fabricated flashing when you cannot use a molded pipe seal. Field fabricating a pipe flashing can take 15-20 minutes per flashing, compared to about 4 minutes to install a prefabricated split pipe seal or square tube wrap. On a project with multiple penetrations, like safety railings or equipment stands, this can save dozens of man hours. On top of that, Versico’s split pipe seals and square tube wraps are made from our proprietary soft flashing membrane and do not require T-joint patches.
  • Prefabricated Custom Curb Wraps: More buildings than ever have skylights and smoke vents on them, which can mean a lot of time spent detailing curbs; especially on re-roofing projects. Versico offers custom size prefabricated curb wraps that can be made in one piece to drop over a curb, or in two or four pieces to fit around the corners. On jobs with dozens or even hundreds of skylights or smoke vents, custom curb wraps can save days’ worth of detailing labor.
If you want to learn more about these, or any Versico TPO accessories, contact your local Versico independent sales representative or schedule a training session for your crew with your local Versico technical representative.

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